The Landing Page Video


In the fall of 2015, Coca-Cola was in the process of expanding one of its newest organizations, Coca Cola North America (CONA). Built to service its franchised bottling companies around North America, CONA was designed to streamline communication among Coca-Cola’s bottling partners and replace their IT infrastructures with a new system architecture called CONA. CEO Reinhard Meister had a vision for the future of CONA, and he wanted to share that vision with Coca-Cola’s bottling partners. But, as with most things, the partners were understandably reluctant to transition to a wholly new system due to the inherent risks. They needed to be convinced of the opportunity.

Enter Elevate Media.

CONA was in the process of developing its website, and they needed a video on their landing page that would introduce the idea of CONA. To do that, we worked with CONA’s leadership team to develop a strategy to help them sell CONA better to their partners. We wanted to fully encapsulate CONA’s impact and benefits, so we travelled around the Southeast to different plants, distribution centers, and other facilities to interview different stakeholders and watch CONA in action. In collaboration with Epik Studios, we handled the full creative process, with the Elevate team handling the initial conception, research, storyboarding, and film work while Epik team worked on the post-production and subsequent iterations.

To date, CONA has expanded to its largest bottling partners and is currently still in the process of expanding to different partners across North America. The video has been viewed over 1,000 times by internal stakeholders within the Coca-Cola organization.