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What We do


We primarily produce video, but we care about the purpose of our content. That means we want to make sure that whatever you do works. To that end, on a case-by-case basis we've also helped with social media marketing and the brand identity of our clients.

  1. The Creative: We get an understanding of your company and your products. This helps us convey your value in a way that the audience can understand it--what problem you solve, how your solution works, the feel of your brand. Usually, we'll get on a call to understand your company and what sort of video you're looking to produce, and then we'll present a proposal for the video idea and script, alongside what we need to make it all happen. 
  2. Production: The founding team has been shooting video for years, though we also work with some amazingly talented people across Georgia. Once we settle on the concept for the video, we'll gather the crew, pick the best location and setting, cast the actors we think represent your brand the best, and shoot the whole thing within a couple of weeks.
  3. Post-production: We operate on rapid iteration. We'll get the first edit out within a couple of days and quickly work on the video until perfection. We'll make sure every detail is right, from the sound design to the high-end special effects to the color grading to the music selection to the pace of the video.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of videos do you make?

All types. We've made landing page videos, Kickstarter videos, music videos, training videos, viral videos, commercials. Our style is primarily live-action--we don't touch full animation unless absolutely necessary.

What kind of clients do you prefer?

We've worked with clients as small as one-man startups to huge corporations like Coca-Cola. In general, we love working with clients who communicate well, work quickly, and trust us to do our jobs. We like to work with people we like.

How much does it cost?

Honestly, it depends. We've worked on $2,000 projects and $20,000 projects. Obviously, the simpler and shorter the video, the less it'll cost to produce, which is then passed onto the final sticker price. Typically, $3,000 is a good starting point, but for smaller companies that don't have quite enough budget, we're willing to be a little more creative on the price and payment structure.

How long do these videos take?

The shortest project we've had took a week, from the time of the initial call to the deliver of the final edit. Normally, you can expect an average of two weeks, though the more iterations on the edit there are, the longer it'll take.

Do you work with other companies?

If it makes sense. We know our strengths (simple, quick high-quality productions), but if the video requires some specialized expertise, we're more than happy to work with other agencies or teams you trust.