Product Videos


In the winter of 2016, ATDC startup Pointivo was gearing for the largest consumer electronics conference in the United States, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Pointivo had created a 3D intelligence platform that used computer vision and machine learning to automatically generate digital models for systems like CAD. Their software could be used within multiple industries, but they wanted to display its full capabilities to the potential customers that would be present at the tradeshow.

The team at Elevate Media set out to produce the videos that Pointivo would display at its booth at CES. Communicating with Pointivo’s leadership, we knew that the company needed something that would demonstrate both the software’s technical capabilities and its potential within specific industries. For CES, Pointivo wanted to target the roofing industry and the insurance industry. With those goals in mind, the Elevate Media team, alongside our partner Epik Studios, developed a story that would be compelling to the stakeholders present at CES, filmed the software in action, created visually appealing animations that would mimic the software’s functions, and produced two videos for Pointivo.



At CES, Pointivo displayed their technology to all present and successfully launched into the roofing industry. With the momentum of CES behind them, Pointivo was able to leverage its technology and track record and now is planning on launching into the flooring and construction industries within the next couple of years.