The Indiegogo Campaign



In the fall of 2014, Emory freshmen students Rostam Zafari and Brian Goldstone conceived of an ambitious idea in their biology class: a medical kit that could detect Ebola in the bloodstream with a few specialized litmus test-like strips. They had the vision, they had the mentorship from their advisor, Dr. Justine Liepkalns, and they had the support. At that point, they just needed the money. Thus, the two student-turned-entrepreneurs decided to start an Indiegogo campaign to raise the money they needed for initial research and development: $14,500.

A phone call later, Rostam had brought on the Elevate Media team to help him change the world for the better. The Indiegogo campaign needed a video that could tell the story of their vision and their product in a concise and inspiring manner. We worked with Rostam and Brian on their pitch, brought in Dr. Justine Liepkalns into the video as well to provide her domain expertise, crafted the story of R.E.D.S, and produced the video.

The R.E.D.S. team looked to Elevate Media to bring our filmmaking experience, creativity, and eye for user experience to showcase their campaign to the world.



Within 30 days, the R.E.D.S. campaign had exceeded its goal with a grand total of $14,605. Not only that, but the video and the campaign went viral, landing R.E.D.S. on the Atlanta Journal ConstitutionUSA TodayHypepotamus, and other news outlets, local and national. With the momentum of the campaign, the R.E.D.S team raised an additional $100,000 in funding and were able to launch into full research and development.